On the Economy.

Do you think Capitalism will live on for ever?

We all know it going to die (die = change, transform) soon but we are not doing anything about it!

Should we leave the change to chance or should we try to  intelligently steer it?

Just like all known civilization before it, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Islamic that rose and fell, Capitalism as we know it will fall one day. Why? I don’t know if you know about the Wave-Particle Duality that physicists debated for a century by now? It sound like, Light can be waves or particles as well as electrons. The bottom line, for me,  is that everything exists as waves i.e it goes Up and Down! That’s what continuous Change is about. Now apply that to our lives, to stones, to Capitalism, to the waves in the ocean, etc you will find that everything you considers some how changes like a wave! You are born, grow, and die (go Up and Down), the next Wave of you is the  the baby that’s born when you die (just like the waves of the Ocean: one dies and one is behind it is born!). So do civilizations like Capitalism, religions, corporations, light waves, inventions, and every phenomena known to us!

So given that the best current civilization based on capitalism is going to die, the big question is how can we replace it with a better one? Clearly, religious, and communism waves rose and died. What’s is the continuous thread between all this wavy phenomena ? The answer is Humanity! We are the observer and if we don’t do anything we will have the same fate as any wavy phenomena, we will rise and fall as a species. If the species falls, there’s no hope that statistically “your” atoms will one  day recombine to rebuild you in an infinite number of light years!

On the other hand, if you contribute to the eternality of humanity, you keep the chance alive! Thus the purpose

of humanity, and every one of its members: You and I, is to keep the species going forever!

That’s why you have to become an Inventor and think about how can we improve what we have now? Thus how  can replace Capitalism with a better civilization that involves everyone in the process of improvement of the species through continuous inventions?

Why aren’t we do that? It has to do with human evolution: Here’s the the essay you may work on:  If you look at the total human actions on earth today and you map them to one Hube, how old would you say that Hube is? A baby? A toddler, a teen, a mature person, or an old wise person?

Look at the spending Worldwide, the stratification of society into classes,  economical and social norms, …

We will discuss this next!

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