On Inventonomy and its necessity to save Humanity!

The only way to salvation is justice, fairness, equality and  internalizing that “The only constant is Change”.

Thus we must make every hube as healthy happy intelligent as possible because we are going to need every ones help to “Conquer Our Universe”.

So you ask: Who is against a worthy endeavors?  The answer is the that those who are up there controlling societies around our little planet are scared! They think that if everyone is enabled then they can’t control them and beat them in the competition to wealth. The reason is that these people, who are in control through wealth,  they are only looking at the past and current. True, if you look at the level of ignorance and how ignorant people may behave,  you you may conclude: It’s better that me, the civilized and educated, I have control of the resources in my community/society than those masses of poor, uncivilized and ignorant thugs! That’s how the Controlling classes everywhere think! But the question could be flipped to say: What If I, the civilized, educated, wealth  and in control, used my power to pull those masses to my level, what world would we have? 

This will lead to the “Internet of Minds: IoM” meaning that since we will be all civilized, educated, and not needing to worry about how to pay the bills for a living, we would all have the higher  universal GOAL of conquering our Universe by using all the human mind power to create the tools and ways for such a goal! In other words, it doesn’t matter where you’re on this Planet if all your needs and material wants are fulfilled and your highly educated, you’ll be thinking about how to get out of this tiny prison called Planet Earth! I do love Earth, I call her my Mother and the Sun my grandma, but I still want to be free in the known Universe!

And that’s our thesis here! If we enable all hubes to the level of the minorities that are controlling them, we would conquer the Universe! Not easy to do because we have first to change the Controlling Minorities psyche and make so many changes to the way we do things today! One of the most important tools toward this goal is Education of the Masses! The current structure of the Educational systems around the world, and the control tools of religions, marketing,  and political ideologies all need to be changed and re-purposed! Notice that because of the way we do things, we don’t have enough work for everyone! Really?

If we think about all the important problems human face today, the number is staggering! From disease, hunger, ignorance, unemployment, global warming, social inequalities, drugs, …etc! So, why are we spending so much on weaponry that we through away every 20 years? Why are we spending so much on keeping people on coaches watches useless TV programs collecting fat and becoming “better” idiots? That’s because that the only way those in control think they can stay in control! They like the status quo because they are up there! You will notice that most wealthy and in the controlling class are conservatives! Why? They don’t want change because they think they are in the winning class! But that’s stupid for humanity as whole since it’s Minority-Win: Majority-Lose situation which leads to the whole humanity loss at the long run!

The answer is: Enabling all hubes through the reformation of Education is a prerequisite to changing the human trajectory from a losing path to path of total freedom in this Universe! Let’s go!!

Open the mind of the person next to you, right know: Wake them up!