On Gods, Creation, Evolution and more

Define your God!

Here at Inventonomy we figured that there is nothing but “God”. We mean that everything and everyone is a piece of transformed energy part of the whole that some call God some call the Universe and some call Mother Nature, or whatever you want to call it! May be Super? Once you define God like that you become a piece of it! And you start thinking like a piece of “God”, call that “Engodiment”! Thus you’re capable of inventions/creation, change, and anything that “God” is capable of but at a smaller scale! But wait, we are here too! So if each one of us feels engoded to create, invent, solve, change because they’re a piece of “their God” then we’ve  the sum of all small scale contributions as a Work of God! How can we not conquer the Universe if we do that? How can Death be problem then?  This is why we are not going to define “God” for you because we want you to be an Inventor!  Because that’s what we care about most:You as an Inventor! We need your help to be an Inventor but you define, or not define, your God or non-God the way YOU want! Whatever definition inspires you to stay happy, healthy, and helping Humanity with your Inventions, would make us happy too!

What’s an Inventor? A hube who is  relieved of the basic needs,  empowered with knowledge,  freed to think with the attitude of “Yes I can because I’m a piece of my God”, and sees all the human problems around us to be solved!

Because of the way societies are organized we have the  99%  “mass ” and the 1% are afraid of them  so they keep doing everything in their power to keep it that way! Thus  we are that way! How can 1 hube (Human Being) be a “Force” and another hube be a “mass”? In the sense of Newtonean physics, that means the second hube can’t move unless the first hube moves it (with demagogy, religion, money, or whatever usual means). And the second hube (mass) can’t stop moving unless the first hube “Force” stops it with some of the usual means! Thus how can all the people in the category “mass” be inventors if we organized society in such a way that only 1% is the engine that  moves the 99%? Doesn’t that mean our human social organization is meant to stifle creativity and make most of us moronic? No wonder, we spend most of resources killing each other for pieces of land on Earth because we confined ourselves to this resource limited Planet! Does that make sense that while we have an unlimited amount of problem to solve we keep 99% of us as non-autonomous thinkers and doers?

This is where the idea of  teaching Inventonomy to every new hube comes from! We need to think that the Universe is our home,  eternal life of human species is our purpose,  and there’s no such a thing as a “mass” hube! Every hube is a “Force”, and need to be raised as such! There’re so many problems to solve, and places to visit, and things to discover , and yet we raise a lots of people who don’t know what to do with their time and lives! Why? It’s maddening when you think about it!

It’s all because of the way we were brought up to think like that by those who hold the power (1% that make up the Force).

When we comeback from outer trip, we will explore problems hold us back and solutions around them other pages!

Such as

The Current “retarded” Economic model

The Culture of “Masses” and “Forces”

The ideologies of species segration

The  Educational systems

The Planet Resources Usage

and Some other surprises

Meanwhile, look around and see what problems can you fix? Yes you can!