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What’s the ultimate goal of Humanity?

When one asks the question: Why are we here in this Universe, which could be a multiverse, what comes to your mind? What do you think? That’s where Invention starts. One can’t invent anything if one is unstable or is just a follower of some mythological, or fairy tales, stories and narratives that are embedded in our minds at young age and dammed in throughout our lives by our “follower” parents and those who indoctrinated them! Those in control, who put that stuff in people’s heads through religions, marketing, political ideologies  want to keep the status quo in which  they are the ones who continue telling people what to believe and who to follow!

However, that’s the wrong path for humanity! Look around, we have so much misery! So the current ways of doing things aren’t working! Why can’ we have 8 billion people happy on Earth today?  Many reasons, one of them is that we were conditioned to accept that one man can have $50 Billions and 50 Million people can’t pay rent or put food on the table is fair! Another way is that many people were convinced that’s what God decided! So they have to live a miserable live but they will have it all in the hereafter!  Really, God is incapable of giving them here and the hereafter?  Some were told that their God is testing them through hardship! So if they endure the hardship in this life they prove they are true believers and have an eternal life of plenty when they die! Really God doesn’t know that they are good bad so it has to test them? And a lot of other  insane explanation that those in control put in the minds of the masses to keep them going! To us, this way of doing things are putting humanity on the losing path! Wake up people, rich and poor: Why can’t we have all humanity happy , health, highly educated and working to liberate itself from this tiny planet and roam the Universe? I think we can if we set our minds to it! I like H. Ford’s saying “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”! Let’s think: We can because it’s been proven. So, Let’s DO It!

So to be an inventor, your first invention, is to reinvent yourself and answer the purpose question. Obviously, your purpose must  benefit you and all human beings (hubes) around you because all of us are just copies of the same “Entity” that’s perpetuating itself for some reason! That reason is  what we either need to find or Invent. That reason must at least benefit the human species, and benefiting the species must be the default reason!

We leave you with the task of inventing your most important thing in life: What’s the purpose of life? Notice that life isn’t restricted to hubes but rather to everything that is born, self-change, and transforms back to its original building blocks.

We will share with you what we think about  “the ultimate goal of Humanity”  soon! When we develop some wisdom for your, and our, thoughts!

Meanwhile, stay happy and start thinking!

When you don’t know what to do, or bored, lost, angry  do something good around you, no matter hos small.

That action will get you inspired and happier!

The principle is: do good without expecting any pay off!